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„What the heart overflows with, that comes out of the mouth.“

For me, what my heart overflows with, that is what I give shape to through my ceramics. I do not sell the ceramics that I make. I give them away as gifts (to those I love), or I offer them as donations to support good causes. God taught me to live with very, very little, and to be wise with abundance. I never attended a school in ceramics. I don't know a lot of things, but the act of creating is a joy to me, and I never tire doing it. I love to work. Throughout the years many people asked me why I would not sell them. Then I discovered why. Because most of my ceramics were made for God. I have unique thoughts, impressions while working on them. And I have a dream of a big white room, where you can see my ceramics well, continually, anyone can come in for free and I am there. I talk to people about life, death, joy, grief, Jesus and the Devil. And those who leave, leave with peace in their heart, and then return again to receive this peace again. Above the entrance is a sign:

God's ceramic artist.

Let the children come to me...
(I have been thinking a lot about where Balázs might be today? He never heard about God from us. What a great responsibility we have as parents.)

I will take care of you.
(I made this one for Kriszti, so she would know that she will be always taken care of.)

(I made this one for Zsófi.)

Be very careful, then, how you live - not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.
(I made this with lots of love for David.)
Faith - Hope - Love, and the greatest among these is Love.

A person may think their own ways are right, but the Lord weighs the heart.

Every child is a gift.
Entrusted to us, to care for, to teach. This is our gift from God.

Girl with plate.
(I made this a very long time ago.)

Young couple
(I made this for my husband at the beginning of doing ceramic art.)
(I made this in 2000.)

(I made a lot of families.)

Bride and groom.
(From the beginnings. I wrote on it: May love and faithfulness never leave you.)

Faith - Hope - Love

Big girl with flowers.
(This was my first big statue.)

Your goodness and love are with me every day of my life.

Could you love me?

(Big size)

Pay attention... I am telling you important things.
Jesus. Come to me all...
(I gave this ceramics to someone a very long time ago, who is dead by now, and the cermics got back to me.)

(There are themes that I give shape to many times. But they are never quite the same.)

A couple.
(The encounter. This was a ceramic that's value rescued a family from losing their home.)


My God, thank you for my family.
(My first work with Balázs in it. 2012)
(One of my favorite themes)

(from the beginnings).

Bird cage.
You do not receive joy as a gift. The only secret to it is to give it away, always to give it. An encouraging word, faith, and lots of selfless love.
(On the plate that the girl is holding, I wrote the word blessing. I do not curse anyone ever.)
The decision (One of the most important ceramics of my life. Made in 2013.)
It was on my heart for a long time to shape the devil out of clay. But it was really difficult. Although I have seen him. He stood in-front of me. He told me something without a sound, his body changed every second, his size, color, and shape. Only his eyes stayed constant, looking at me. I have never seen such ugly, evil eyes before..
I remember that there was a big Christian gathering in 1996 in Vienna. This happened there. One day I will write down everything about it. But so the decision. 3 separate plates, with a road in between them. On one of them there is an angel standing, and on his back it is written: Lord, may your kingdom come! Next to him is a girl, who is waving up to Jesus. Jesus looks down to the little girl, and says there is a little girl on the earth, who is always different. But I delight in her. On the third plate stands the devil, who is waiting for his opportunity. The angel and the little girl warn everyone who are walking towards the devil, to stop. Turn around. But the people do not pay attention to them, and they keep walking on the path that leads to the devil. When it becomes clear where they got themselves, there is no more road leading back. They stay with the devil forever. How do we decide? Which path do we choose? Everybody is making a decision, even when they don't know about it. 

Bird cage.
(In my world every cage has an open door. Nowadays there are even 4-5 doors on it. I never close in anyone.)

A flower holding pillar.
(I love flowers.)
Petition for WISDOM. I think this one is important for everyone, independently if one believes in God or not. If you have wisdom, you have everything. If you can distinguish between what is important and what is not. Then you realize that the most important thing on earth is love. If you are wise you know how to spend your money. If you are wise you can distinguish between junk and the pearl. You can see what is sometimes hidden from our eyes. My grandmother with her 6 years of education was very wise. We need to make petitions for wisdom daily.

The narrow gate and the narrow road and Jesus.
(In my life I walked on a long, winding road. On my journey, I many times found myself at a rift, sometimes on a dead-end street. I tried to tell Jesus many times where the road should go. I stumbled numerous times and fell. Looking back over the journey of the past 60 years, now I can see, that Jesus was always with me. Even when I was not aware of it. He patiently was shepherding me to the narrow road. Thank you!)

„There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die... a time to weep and a time to laugh…“

And this became the time of introduction.

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