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Protesting Cearmics

Dear reader, I would like to briefly share with you why I am making protesting ceramics nowdays. I do not suffer from either having no food, or a warm place, I have everything I need. But still I feel compelled, this motivation comes from within. Maybe the same reason why I wanted to climb up the highest trees when I was a child, in spite of the danger. The same reason why I would climbed up the wall to escape the closed door and descended into nothing on the other side.

A short detour...

One day, when we lived in Austria, Kriszti came home from school, and said: "Mom, my teacher said, that you are an einfache Hausfrau (a simple housewife)" When the teacher asked Kriszti, what her mother was working, she replied by saying that she stayed home with them. This was the story of how I earned this respectable title from Brigitta Sachinger, the elementary teacher. I am not ashamed of it. But dear reader, the reason why I shared this with you is that you should not expect some professional political analyses about the current situation in Hungary. All you are reading here is the opinion of an einfache Hausfrau. I created my first protesting ceramic in 2012, which I gave on an occasion to Iványi Gábor, who is a minister.


They say we have a Christian government. Well, let's take a look at it! Our Christian government says, "You are worth, how much you own." Jesus says: "Come to me as you are. Even without a penny, you have great value to me." Our Christian government says: "You should live on 47.000 or 30.000 Ft (200 or 120 $) and own a goat. Those who say this live on millions and I assume they do not own a goat. Our Christian government brought the TEK (the Terror Prevention Center) into existence out of billions of Forints. Their main task is to keep Viktor Orbán (the Hungarian prime minister) safe. I believe 200 people.

I am not sure how much László Kövér (the Speaker of the National Assembly of Hungary) spent on starting a group of parliamentarian guards, who are entrusted with unique executive powers. The historical churches gave their blessings on these guards. They gave their blessing to hatred and terror. Both organizations serve to intimidate people who think differently. My thoughts on this matter is, that all the terror prevention, or special guards, can not stop God's judgement against the tyrants (if they refuse to change).

Our Christian government spends billions on image-building to countries like the USA. How many disadvantaged, but gifted, young people could have been supported from that amount of money? How many children, who suffer hunger and live under undignified conditions, could have been given a happier life? I think this would truly be Christian image-building. Even if we spend the money of the world on image-building, even that would not be enough for the tyrants. God does not care about our fake image bought by money.

Zsolt Semjén, the leader of the Christian Folk party, publicly declared that he received the task from Viktor Orbán to destroy Ferenc Gyurcsány (the previous prime minister) by all means. Then out of the same mouth came words about God and morals.

"They boast by what will turn into their shame."

Our Christian police judged a young 24 year old girl. Her crime was to ask for the remainder of some food and eat it, because she was so hungry. For this she has to go to prison. And those are supposed to serve and protect her, who deny every possible thing from the poor. There was a Peace March, and the people who walked supposedly walked to show their support to the government in a peaceful way, but while they marched, they awoke fear, spread hatred toward anyone who thinks differently. And they want to throw muriatic acid into your face. For the sake of PEACE! And the mammon is floating, as an invisible, all-covering cloud above this Peace March. The people are in fear.

Do I fear? Yes, I do! I am scared of the TEK, of this special parliamentarian guards, of the CÖF (Forum of the Civilian Collaboration), of muriatic acid, I am terrified by human stupidity and viciousness. And I am really scared of our Christian government. I don't want to be afraid anymore! I have been living under fear for long enough. Even though I have experienced the biggest terror one can face on this earth by losing my 8 years old son. They can do anything to me by their forced 2/3 majority (Translator's Note: The leading Hungarian party won with 2/3 majority at the last election). They say I am a treat to the home-country. This special parliamentarian guard can take me away with the reason of not being predictable. They can lock me up again, stuff me with consciousness altering drugs, which will cause me to do anything. To me Hungary today resembles a closed psychiatric unit.


My 3rd protesting ceramics...

My 4th protesting ceramic is an angel with a yellow start. In the Hungarian parliament in the year 2012 one representative suggested to collect a list of the Jews. And nor the speaker of the Hungarian Parliament, nor any of the representatives reacted in such a way that would shake the parliament or Hungary. I remembered auntie Irén, who was the principal at that school where I loved on that little boy, named Karcsi. Auntie Irén (her full name was Irén Sugár) and her husband was György Goldmann (sculpt, who died in Dachau in 1944). Auntie Irén came back from Dachau weighing 80lb. Sometimes I thought auntie Irén was a fairy. She was always laughing. (Today Hungary is country where not many smile.) She loved people so much, she helped a lot. Everything turned into fun when she was around. She was also belonged to the resistance and antifascist union. She was a history and Hungarian language teacher. Auntie Irén was going from school to school, presenting her Never Again Fascism tape. She was shorter than the taller children at school, but the she had such a force behind her words, that when she started to talk she grew to the size of a giant. Maybe if auntie Irén would burst out in tears if she would see the Christian Hungarian nation today. It is better that she never saw this.

To me, the Hungary of today is like one of those dark institutions back in those days. There are more and more bars. I don't like it. I have to escape. I have to escape until my head still fits through between the bars.

„There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die... a time to weep and a time to laugh…“

Book of Ecclesiastes

Thank you dear reader, for reading my writings. Anna Mayer

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